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Just to mention it again – My #1 goal with this program is to provide you with all the knowledge, tools and tips that you will need to successfully go out there and create, grow and automate your theme brand! You’re gonna learn everything that took me multiple years to perfect and you’re gonna get the straightest path to crushing it with an Instagram business so you can go out there and get amazing results!

For taking so much massive action, I want to add you to my private elite group. I want to get my next 100 students to $1,000 within the next 30 days so they can double their results in half the time.
Back when I was starting out, one of the things that I wished I had was a mentor. Someone who could look after me and make sure I was moving in the right direction at all times. I spent years going in circles and wasted thousands of dollars before I got to where I am today. And I truly believe it’s because I lacked the ability to have a real life mentor.
A few months ago, I invested $2,000 into a mentorship program which helped me focus on building and scaling my personal brand. This is something that I was skeptical about, but also very excited about. I, for the longest time, never knew how to scale up my personal brand and grow my voice, reach and my business through it.


after working with my mentor (Lukas), I had made my first $2,991 week with my personal brand. This had become a huge gamechanger and I had made the most money I had ever made with my personal brand in this time. By just having a real life mentor, what could’ve taken me years to figure out, only took me a few months! This is something I’ve heard from many successful entrepreneurs.


is a life hack, I just didn’t realise how powerful it could be.
I’ve gladly had the pleasure of being able to be a mentor to multiple instapreneurs from all around the world. Helping others succeed has become one of the most fulfilling things I’ve had in my life and I want to make this possible to as many people as I can.

Because you took massive action and proved that you aren’t afraid to go out there and get what you want – I want to add you to my private elite group . With this group, I will be giving all my students a copy and paste system that they can use, directly from my business and what’s working right now.

Yep, everything which you can just duplicate and start getting results. You will be able to sell all my most profitable products as if they were your own as well as get a proven system that can get you results in an accelerated period of time.

This blueprint is what I call The 5 Figure Template.

 After working with many mentees like Michael Hüller, Benny Merk, Kiko, Eric and Stefan Puchegger, they’ve been able to scale their business to multiple $1k/day businesses through Instagram. I mentored them daily and today, it gives me so much happiness to know that I had helped them climb the journey to where they are today. 



This will all be apart of what I call my elite group of students. My higher level focus group where we invest more time and energy into getting better results, in a shorter period of time.

The awesome thing about this is that even with a few hundred followers, you can start selling my products as if they were your own, meaning you will make every penny of every sale, even if you don’t have a product.

I will also show you how you can also scale your brand by putting together your own digital products in the future, which you will learn how to create in this advanced training! Just imagine how powerful your results would be after applying everything in The Instapreneurs Training with the 5 Figure Blueprint!

And that's just ONE of the methods you will be learning!

I will also be giving you behind the scenes content to some of my most exclusive monetisation strategies which nobody tells you about. Only my mentors know about these monetisation methods and I will be giving it you, because I believe you can get amazing results!

I don’t have the time to explain everything inside the program because we could be here for hours. I”ve put together this special training for those exclusive students. Those who’d like access to The Instapreneurs Elite! In it you’ll learn how I was able to transform Instagram into a moneymaking machine, without having thousands of followers and without needing previous experience…


Done For You Product System

You will be able to promote my products and sell them as if they were your own. I've made well over 5 figures selling my digital products around the world.

Elite Monetisation

Learn the strategies which I don't share with everyone. These are the methods that will only work if many people don't know about them. Get instant access to the elite monetisation strategies.

5 Figure Template

You will get a step by step training with over 25 videos where I will show you how to use my system to eventually scale your brand with your own product!

Influencer Marketing Pro

Finally learn how to use influecers to double your money. You will discover the art of investing money into influencers and making sales from the followers that buy those products!


  • Finally Get Results As Quickly As Possible
  • Never Have To Worry About Making Money
  • Never Have To Live Life On Someone Else's Terms
  • Finally Be Able To Do More Of What You Love
  • Finally Get All The Steps In One Place

Stefan @Assassinagency

With Leruo's 5 figure blueprint, I've finally been able to make a full time income with my Instagram page. There were a lot of challenges but without Leruo's help, it wouldn't have been possible!


Through working with Leruo, I was able to develop my very own digital product that makes me over $300 per day!


  • 20+ Elite Training Videos (Worth $297) That'll Show You How To Maximise Your 5 Figure Blueprint
  • The Storytelling Framework (Worth $97), 10x Your Sales Through Storytelling

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If you’re on this page, it means that there are still a few seats left before the 100 mark is officially reached. After that, I will lift the price up back to the normal price of  $997. 
Once again, if you are on this page, it means that you are lucky enough to claim your scholarship and become apart of the 100 students who get to see this offer and become apart of the test-group.
You have a unique opportunity (ONLY right here, right now on this page)…to get The Instapreneurs Elite that shows you all my secrets methods with the 5 figure blueprint, for only $97.
If you close this page, the offer is gone forever!
This is something I wish I knew years earlier and something that has absolutely skyrocketed my Instagram business. You will learn exactly how I did this and for the first time, you will be able to copy and paste my business model with The 5 Figure Blueprint so you can go out there and start generating similar results!

I’m confident that you will start to get amazing results. So confident that I’ve created a promise to all my students! If you’re not able to see any new results within 60 days of using the elite training, I will give you a full 100% refund on all purchases. Hope to see you inside!

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