Learn my step-by-step formula to growing a powerhouse theme page and brand and crushing it online!

Learn my step-by-step formula to growing a powerhouse theme page and brand and crushing it online!


Leruo Theledi

I’ve enjoyed over 4 years of my life as a creative entrepreneur. Today, I’ve been able to create, grow and manage a network of accounts with a total reach of 1M followers. This has become my lifestyle business over the years and this small little idea has allowed me to make money from anywhere in the world. Pure dedication, hard work and belief in my craft has allowed me to make all this possible. Through just building, growing and automating theme brands, I’ve been able to build a full time online business.

Over the next few weeks, you’ll be able to access a platform where you can cut to the chase, avoid the long learning curve and crush the game online. You’ll learn how to build a powerhouse following with theme brands and turn it into a business!

Hands On With Brands

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In The Instapreneurs Training you will not only learn how to grow a powerhouse theme page and turn it into a profitable business but you will also learn how to use this to create a massive brand and impact others around the world!

The Instapreneurs Training is not just a big course that will end up boring you all day long. It is filled with interactive content, tools and exercises that are proven to work. It is filled with some of the best proven and easy to work strategies and systems that have gotten me and many of my students amazing results!

It is an exact blueprint and system that you can use to go out there, build a theme page and start building a business with it!

Building a following is the #1 way to reaching millions and learning how to get in front of thousands everyday is one of the powerful tools we have today. 



Don't Just Take My Word For It...

Michael Hüller

Stefan Puchegger

Benny Merk


Grow My Brand Page By Over 100K Followers!

Go Viral And Gain Thousands Of Reach From Single Posts On My Feed!

Get Huge Influencers And Brands To Interact With My Page And Boost My Credibility

Hit The Explore Page And Consistently Rank At The Top Of Hashtags

Turn My DMs Into A Goldmine With Loads Of Paying Customers That Want To Do Business With Me!

Use Other Accounts And Their Followings To Help Boost My Daily Growth By An Extra 100+ Followers!

  • Grow My Brand Page By Over 100K Followers!
  • Go Viral And Gain Thousands Of Reach From Single Posts On My Feed!
  • Get Huge Influencers And Brands To Interact With My Page And Boost My Credibility
  • Hit The Explore Page And Consistently Rank At The Top Of Hashtags
  • Turn My DMs Into A Goldmine With Loads Of Paying Customers That Want To Do Business With Me!
  • Use Other Accounts And Their Followings To Help Boost My Daily Growth By An Extra 100+ Followers!

And THE VIR FORMULA TO Earn Over $2,000 In A Single Day !

An Instagram Business has allowed me to have crazy days like this!

Using one of the strategies that I learned from my mentors, Boom! I had one of my first $2,000 days on Instagram!
This is the Power of Instagram… If you want to get out there, start your online business, and build a massive brand then this is the right place for you!
The Instapreneurs Training will give you the straightest path to taking your Instagram game to the next level.

You’re probably asking, “Leruo, how did you do all this”… And No I Can Not Read Your Mind Haha.

I Will For The First Time Ever Show You The Secret Formula That Allowed Me To Have The Results I Have Today!

Keep Reading If You Want To Learn More About It, So That You Can Make Money From Home With Your Phone As Well!

I Figured Out How Building A Following Online Works And How To Make Money With It!

Today, I’ve been able to build my personal theme page to a following of over 200,000 followers on Instagram and have been able to leverage Instagram into high income income stream as well as manage a network of 1M followers.
I decided to enter a new world and follow my own path instead of the system because I always had the dream to one day travel the world and make enough money to live an amazing lifestyle that supports myself and my family financially. 
Right now, I make an income everyday through selling products online and through influencer marketing and this has allowed me to start living life on my own terms. 
There are times when I even earn money while on the beach, working out or while I sleep


I went from making $25 per month with Instagram to making up to $2,000 per day.

For the longest time, I struggled to figure out Instagram and went in circles for years, almost giving up.

After endless trial and error, I finally decided to invest and learn from the best. And in a few months, my whole business turned around.

All of a sudden, that big dream, became more of a reality.


A few years ago, I used to be that kid that would always play video games at home and never get any work done at school.

I think we all know who that person is lol…

What made me really unhappy was realising that following the system was going to bring me closer to a life that I dreaded.

A life that would guarantee me a very small chance of actually achieving those dreams.

This is something I started to realise more and more and was definitely one of the biggest drivers to where I am today.

I then decided to start shifting my time and attention into watching and learning from all these successful entrepreneurs and their business models. I read books, bought courses and watched tons of youtube videos to learn as much as I could about entrepreneurship and building a successful business. 
I would watch how these entrepreneurs were traveling the world, driving cool cars and how they were making thousands of dollars everyday from their online businesses. 
And I realised that I wanted this for myself. I wanted to build my own business around what I loved and be able to reach high levels of success with it!
I then decided to take initiative and start testing with what I was learning. I started multiple businesses and saw absolutely no success with even one of them. 
I tested out online, paid for ads and other strategies and ended up wasting thousands of dollars in a year trying to start businesses that had failed. 

At this point, I had no more money to invest, I was very demotivated and couldn’t see myself achieving any of the goals I set out for myself... 

It’s at this point that I decided to stop and commit the next few months to learning as much as possible and understanding the power of social media. 
I learned a lot from an entrepreneur by the name of Gary Vaynerchuck about the importance of social media and the way it would start dominating the business landscape. 
I realised that all these major online entrepreneurs had one thing in common, they all had some sort of following or some sort of online presence. I then realised that the fastest way to building a business online is by building a following.


The platform that would soon transform my life forever. I started 6 different Instagram pages and generated little to no results. Tried to grow, used all these tools and strategies that didn’t bring me any consistent results.

I stayed up for months, learning everything I possibly could and invested thousands of dollars into my education, mentors and programs. 
I Then Discovered The 5-Level Growth System And VIR Formula!!
It’s at this point that I was able to start getting traction and seeing some results. I implemented this formula everyday and my brand exploded! I grew my page to over 100,00 followers in just under 12 months and had my biggest month in terms of revenue!

After 2 years of trial and error I finally figured it out… A few months after that I had my biggest day ever in revenue and…

Made Over $2,000 Dollars!

Without spending a dime on ads! 

And there has been no slow down ever since! 

The dream that seemed so far away…

All of a sudden became more of a reality….

All because I decided to learn from the very best and got access to these expert methods and tools!!!

Now I make a full time income with Instagram and have a massive following online. I make enough money to support myself,  do what I want, spend as much time with friends and family and most importantly, live life on my own terms and be my own boss. I will soon be travelling to Dubai to meet my long life mentor and maybe go somewhere cool after!

It was because of this that I decided that I wanted to help other aspiring entrepreneurs build their businesses too. I wanted to teach and show the power of Instagram and this formula and how it can also allow you to start living life on your own terms!

The Reality Is...

I get hundreds of people every single day who are reaching out to me via social media experiencing exactly those broken stages of their life. They want to change something but are lost by themselves.


Good question… 

Maybe you can relate, how sometimes it’s hard to do it on your own, and you wish you had someone taking you by the hand every step of the way.
But, let’s face it, not everyone can invest thousands of dollars into their education and waste years “trying”
You want to start seeing results today.. And you deserve to do so.
With both the 5-Level Growth System and The VIR Formula, I’m confident that anyone can make it online!
I want to help people start their online businesses and accomplish their goals through Instagram! It’s why I spent months creating The Instapreneurs Training. I wanted to give people the straightest and best path to building a massive theme page online around something they love and actually make money with it! Instagram changed my life and it can change yours too.


Take Action Now…Click The Button Below And Join The Instapreneurs Training! If You Join Today, You Will Get Access To Some Amazing Bonuses That I’ll Show You Below


What's Inside?

Over the next few weeks, I’ll show you exactly how you can build, grow and automate theme brands on Instagram!

50 Training Videos

Start crushing it with our library of training videos and resources that you can immedietely implement. Start getting results in no time!

Tools And Hacks

Learn from our trusted tools and hacks that'll help you upgrade your game online! You'll learn how to get more done with less time and effort.

100% Moneyback Guarantee

Our goal is the outcome! If you don't get any new results within 60 days, we'll give you a 100% refund!

Private Community

Join our thriving community of Instapreneurs from all around the world! Build a network, work with like minded individuals, stay accountable!

Walkthrough Templates

Learn from our proven to work copy and past templates so you can get results much faster!

VIP Support

Have our constant support and guidance along your journey throughout the program. Get instant access to our team and Leruo.

The Instapreneurs Training

Course breakdown, walkthrough and sneak peak!

1. Introduction

Get in the right frame of mind to start crushing it! I share my best lessons in this industry and a few key tips to always remember.

2. Mindset Bomb

Get in the right frame of mind to start crushing it! I share my best lessons in this industry and a few key tips to always remember.

3. Foundation

You will learn how to discover your niche and set up your brand like the top percentage of influencers. You will get access to all my secret strategies on finding an edge and standing out against 99% of other Instagrammers.

4. The 5 Level Growth System

Discover the art of organic growth and it’s ability to reach thousands of people every single day. You will learn how to go viral and how to repetitively hit the explore page. Step by step, we will walk through the stages of growing the brand, to automating the brand.

5. Explosive Growth

Finally learn how you can explode your following on autopilot and how you can grow by thousands everyday. You will learn the art of explosive growth, using influencers and scaling up your growth. You will also be able to discover how I’m able to grow hundreds and sometimes thousands of followers from a single post.

6. Brand Building

You will learn how to turn your theme page into a powerhouse brand. With our branding modules, you will learn the art of turning followers into true, raving fans that love you and want to do business with you.

7. Monetisation

Discover the 8 core monetization strategies that have the potential to be highly profitable and scalable. Find which strategy works best for you and follow our game plane to making money with it!

8. Affiliate Mastery

Learn how you can turn your theme brand into an affiliate marketing business. You will learn the secret strategy that made me over $25,000 with a page with less than 100,000 followers. You will learn the ins and outs of affiliate marketing and how you can do it without showing your face or having a large following.

9. Social Security

Take the necessary steps to protecting your brands from limits, rules and intruders. You will learn the most common things to avoid when it comes to running your theme brand and security measures you should always take with your brand!

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I created The Instapreneurs Training  because of how much my life changed. I had my biggest day in which I made over $2,000 the beginning point of everything! After that, I realized that anything in this world is possible! 


It inspired me to achieve more and more and now I have multiple 4 figure days with Instagram!

That was the breakthrough that I had in my life and I want you to experience the same! I want to get as many people from zero to hero with Instagram! It’s why on top of these amazing modules and training, I want to give you $2,500 worth of bonuses today! With The Instapreneurs Training you will get everything you need to know to finally succeed online!
I want you to get the straightest path from zero to hero with Instagram so you never have to go through the mistakes I went through along my journey. I truthfully believe that everybody should get presented with the right opportunities in life and I want to make this possible for you too! So you can also go out there, live life on your own terms and get amazing results!
These bonuses already made me and my students tens of thousands of dollars in the last few months! And I’m very confident that you will be able to get some awesome results with them too!
Bonus #1
Value $997

You will learn exactly how I’ve made over $25,000 selling products I don’t even own through my Instagram theme pages! You will learn exactly how you can go out there and scale an affiliate business, without needing to have thousands of followers. Michael Hüller, one of my top students, made his first $600 with his Instagram theme page with less than 1,000 followers using the exact same strategies.


5 Level Growth System

You will learn how I grew by over 100,000 followers in less than 12 months! And how I manage to go viral and grow thousands of followers per post. One of my students, Benny @Words4mentors averaged over 4,000 followers per day using these explosive growth strategies.


The Voice Of The Brand

You will go through an intense section where you will learn how to position yourself as the voice behind your brand. In doing this, you will be able to build massive authority in your marketplace and stand out against 99% of other Instagrammers! You will learn how to finally turn your aduience into true fans.


Top Comment Strategy

You will learn how to effectively rank as the top comment on massive influencer posts like Garyvee, Lewis Howes and Grant Cardone. Once again, this will allow you to generate another stream of follower growth!


The Theme Page Startup

No matter whether you have a theme page already or have no idea how to start one, you’ll successfully learn how to grow it to thousands of followers and turn it into a highly profitable business!


The Monetisation Game Plan

You will learn powerful monetisation strategies that are both scalable and have the ability to be automated! This is how you will start to generate tons of revenue while still providing massive amounts of value to the world!


The Scaling Blueprint

You will be able to access an in depth training and case study blueprint where you will learn how we’ve made our students thousands with theme pages and how we’re scaling this up to 5 figures! At the end of this section, you will have a clear roadmap!


The Big Picture Training

In this, I will get deep down and personally share tons of mindset hacks and strategies that you can apply to start getting into the right value and money mindset! This is what you need to become bulletproof as an instapreneur!


Crafting The Niche Killer

You will learn how to set up your page like the top 1% of influencers so you can create a unique instagram page that outperforms 99% of the competiton. You will never have a boring or mainstream instagram account ever again!


The Aesthetic Pyramid

You will go through a masterclass section where you will learn how to develop a powerful and unique Instagram theme and aesthetic that seperates you from all the other theme pages on Instagram. You will learn how to build massive authority in your marketplace and get hundreds of re-shares everyday!


The Fame Hacker

You will discover how to turn your audience into true fans so they follow you for who you really are! This following will be 10x more powerful than a standard following and will allow you to make money by just providing true value. You will get tons of DMs daily from people who love you and are ready to do business with you!


The Story Growth System

You will learn 6+ strategies on how to leverage your Instagram stories to reach hundreds of users everyday. You will learn how to gain a huge boost of story views every single day without you needing to spend hours on your phone!


Hashtag Masterclass

In this masterclass section you will go through an in depth training where you will learn how to consistently rank under the top 9 posts on Instagram through hashtags and how you can use them to gain tons of followers every single day!


Popularity Bomb

You will learn how to get your followers to become highly interactive with ALL your content! You will learn how to get them to become hyperactive on your page and leave comments and tons of re-shares so you can gain massive exposure!


The 60/40 Rule

You will go through a section on how to write compelling captions that can be used to sell and brand build like crazy! I will show you how to write compelling captions that people will ACTUALLY read. You will be able to use this to build true fans and create tons of paying customers!


THe DM Mastermind

“It all goes down in the DMs.” You will learn how to turn your Instagram DMs into a goldmine and use it to find high paying customers for your business! This is something that many people overlook – If you’re not making money from your DMs, you’re missing out!


The Smart Influencer

You will learn everything you need to start selling and buying shoutouts! You will learn how to find people to buy shoutouts for your page and create long term brand deals! This way, you will get paid and get merchandise to promote other products and services on your page!


Copy And Paste Templates

Never go through the stress of doing it on your own! You will get a host of templates that you can use to save time and replicate similar results! You will be able to use these templates to make more sales, increase your branding technique and ultimately build a better theme brand.


The Instapreneurs Hub

You will get direct access to our private telegram and facebook group that we’re using to excel all our students. In it, you will get direct access to a whole host of instapreneurs that are crushing the game! Never worry about not having others to grow with you and support you!


I really want you to find success through The Instapreneurs Training. It’s for this reason that I want to make this the most low risk investment you will need!

If you APPLY ALL THE STRATEGIES and are still not able to get any new results, then email me on leruo@instapreneurstraining.com and you will get a full refund!
Or you can make a life changing decision today...






1 M
0 M
1 +
$ 1 K


Do I need to have a big following to monetise a theme brand on Instagram?

No, you don’t need to have thousands of followers to monetise. With only a few hundred followers you can already start learning how to monetise your brand and use that to grow your business faster.

I’m under 18 years old, does that matter?

There are no age limits to growing a social media following. The age range of influencers online is a pure example of this. Anyone can do it and start crushing it online!

Do I need experience in this field to start?

No you don’t. In The Instapreneurs Training, you will learn all the baby steps from beginner till expert and everything is broken down in a very simple way to help you excel as fast as possible!

How much time do I need to put in everyday?

In the beginning, it will require time and energy to get everything set up and going, but, after that, you will learn how to automate it so you only need to spend as little as 30 minutes per day online!

Do I need to show my face on my theme brand?

An awesome thing about creating a theme page is that you never need to show your face! All your content will be built around certain themes and/or ideas and because of that, you will never need to show your face.

Are there any hidden costs?

There are no hidden costs. The cost to enroll in The Instapreneurs Training is a once-off payment of $9.

How long will it take me to monetise my theme brand?

This totally depends on how well and how swiftly you implement what is taught in the course. The program is designed in a way to help you get the fastest results in the shortest period of time. With that said, it’s possible to get results in a shorter period of time and it’s possible to also get results in a longer period of time. This one will truthfully always come down to you!

How will I get access?

The secure order form will redirect you to your member’s area where you will be able to log in and create your account. You will also get an email with all the resources you need to get started!


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