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i want to give you my personal support!

For taking so much massive action, I want to personally help you on your Instagram journey! This is something that I only offer to the 1% of my students who aren’t afraid to go out there and get what they want.
Back when I was starting out, one of the things that I wished I had was a mentor. Someone who could look after me and make sure I was moving in the right direction at all times. I spent years going in circles and wasted thousands of dollars before I got to where I am today. And I truly believe it’s because I lacked the ability to have a real life mentor.
A few months ago, I invested $2,000 into a mentorship program which helped me focus on building and scaling my personal brand. This is something that I was skeptical about, but also very excited about. I, for the longest time, never knew how to scale up my personal brand and grow my voice, reach and my business through it.
In just a few months after working with my mentor (Lukas), I had made my first $2,991 week with my personal brand. This had become a huge gamechanger and I had made the most money I had ever made with my personal brand in this time. By just having a real life mentor, what could’ve taken me years to figure out, only took me a few months! It’s something that I’ve heard from many people like Tai Lopez, Grant Cardone and Lewis Howes. Having a mentor is a life hack, I just didn’t realise how powerful it could be.
I’ve gladly had the pleasure of being able to be a mentor to multiple instapreneurs from all around the world. Helping others succeed has become one of the most fulfilling things I’ve had in my life and I want to make this possible to as many people as I can.

For the longest time...

People would asked me, “Leruo, is it possible for me to work closely with you?” or “Leruo, can you personally guide me through this process?” 

And the truth is, I’ve always been very careful about who I work with. One of my rules is to only work with people who really want to make a change in their life. Those who aren’t afraid to commit and chase their dreams!

People with a desire to succeed and just need to be put onto the right path! For me, this has always been the most important criteria when working closely together. I only want to help people who have the drive to build a successful online business.


Because you’ve taken so much massive action today, by joining my basic and elite training, I want to take you to the next level.  This is only available to you because you took massive action and decided to invest in yourself. You will have the unique opportunity to join my exclusive mentorship group, the 1% of my students. This is a 1/1 training group that I have been thinking of putting together for years. After working with many mentees like Michael Hüller, Benny Merk and Stefan Puchegger, they’ve been able to scale their business to multiple $1k/day businesses through Instagram. I mentored them daily and today, it gives me so much happiness to know that I had helped them climb the journey to where they are today. This is something that I want to make available to more of my most committed students. I want to help you on every step of the journey so you never have to repeat the mistakes I wish I had avoided along my journey.


I made a promise to myself that I will only share this opportunity with the top 1% of my students and only those who are action-takers.
If you’ve made it this far, that means this is you. You have gotten ahead, Joined The Instapreneurs Training and have taken massive action to get inside The Instapreneurs Elite. I want to work with people who aren’t afraid to chase what they want! This is why I created The 1% Group Training.
A powerful, behind the scenes 1/1 mentorship program for the top 1% of my students. After years of planning, I’ve finally decided to put this group together. In it, we will skyrocket and take your whole business to the next level. We will design a custom action plan that suites your lifestyle and we will, from day one, execute together! Your business becomes our business and we will do everything to make it a success!


The Vault

In the vault, you will get access to your 100k blueprint and your zero to hero monetisation game plan - fully customised for you and your lifestyle.

1/1 Mentorship

We will 1/1 work together to successfully build your skyscraper for your first 30 days! Your business will become our business!

Skype Support

Get access to Leruo and his team daily. Work together with us on your instagram business and let us help you every step of the way!

Inner Circle

Work alongside a huge network with some of our most successful partners and mentees who have crushed the Instagram game!


In The Vault, you will get access to a customized blueprint to growing your first 100,000 followers in less than 90 days. These are the strategies and methods that I have perfected over the past few years in my own instagram business and the results from working 1/1 with several of my students! In the vault, you will get the straightest path to growing your first 100,000 followers and how you can take every aspect of your Instagram business to the next level!

We will dive into multiple mega-monetisation strategies that you can start implementing into your business so you can effectively monetise your Instagram page in the most scalable way possible. You will learn directly from Leruo, his team and many of his mentees who have been able to consistently make thousands of dollars daily from their Instagram businesses.


You will also be getting access to Skype Support! You will become among the most exclusive and important students that we have. You will have full daily communication to Leruo and your own dedicated team member who will be there to help you every single day!

You will have first priority customer care and will be attended to first, before our usual customer care requests.
Within our weekly calls, we will develop a google document in which we will share information on the game plan which we will generate for the next 60 days.  We will be able to help you make tweaks to your game plan via Skype messenger and we will make sure that your game plan is set out for optimal speed!

1/1 Mentorship program

Over the period of 30 days, you will have full access to The 1% Group Mentorship Program. As I said before, this is only available to the top 1% of students that have taken action and are committed to changing their business for good. I spent years thinking of putting a group like this together and am so hyped to work with more students from around the world! After having developed amazing success stories after working with instapreneurs in my personal business, I wanted to make this possible and available for every one of you who have the desire to find yourself a mentor. Not just that, but a mentorship team that can help you excel in the fastest way possible.

  • Weekly One On One Coaching Calls
  • Daily 1/1 Communication Via Skype
  • Full Access To The Inner Circle
  • Done For You Game Plans And Strategies
  • The SuperGrowth 100K Blueprint
  • Million Dollar Mind Hacks And Tricks


This will be your opportunity to access a network of brands and influencers that can help you take things to the next level. You’re gonna get direct access to many of Leruo’s high level partners and top mentees who have been able to build highly profitable Instagram businesses. Stephan, one of Leruo’s mentees and team members, currently monetises his page through a highly digital product, coaching and shopify stores. Benny, another one of our mentees started his own growth agency and made over $10,000 in 3 months. Michael, another top mentee, currently focuses on 1/1 coaching for his brand building mastermind and is in the process of automating this process with a digital product. We have a multitude of more mentees leveraging strategies beyond the 8 core monetisation methods in the Instapreneurs Training and all the mentees mentioned above are doing multiple $1k days with Instagram. This just shows how powerful this platform can be – the fact that you can create a customised game plan for your growth and monetisation and still reach thousands and effectively monetise your page



This is my most exclusive and advanced training! I want to make this possible for you and I truly believe that we can get amazing results as soon as we start working together!



  • A Free Shoutout From An Audience Of Over 400,000 Followers
  • Your Very Own Done For You 5 Figure Product That You Can Start Selling From Day One (Insane Value)

I know…this sounds too good to be true…

But, in this program, I want to give you EVERYTHING to help you succeed.
I want to give you the straightest path to being able to go out there and start crushing it with your Instagram business.
I want you to become my next success student so you can also live life on your own terms and running a powerful Instagram business while doing so. This is only available to  the top percentage of my students that are committed to making a massive change!
If this is you, then get started today!
With the 1% group mentorship, you will finally be able to :
  • Have somebody on your side every step of the way. Somebody that's gone through your process and knows the answers to all your questions
  • Finally get on the right path to financial freedom through instagram and the exact steps to scaling it into a high level online business!
  • Do what you want all day and spend more time with your loved ones, while making money!
  • Always have enough money so that you can live THE life of your dream, buy cool stuff, drive cool cars and visit some of the most beautiful places in the world



I’m so confident in this training program that if you aren’t able to see any difference in your business within the 60 day period, I will grant you a 100% refund on all purchases!

  • Weekly One On One Coaching Calls
  • Daily 1/1 Communication Via Skype
  • Full Access To The Inner Circle
  • Done For You Game Plans And Strategies
  • The SuperGrowth 100K Blueprint
  • Million Dollar Mind Hacks And Tricks

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