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Training Reveals: "How To Make Your First $1,000 With Instagram"

Discover The Wildly Profitable 3-Step System That Allowed Me To Grow Over 200,000 Followers On Instagram And Turn That Into A 6 Figure Business

Without Needing To

Show My Face

Have Something Unique or Special

Have my own product or service

Struggle To Build A 6 Figure Business!

* Limited Time Offer*

Without Needing To

Show My Face

Have Something Unique or Special

Have My Own Product or Service

Struggle To Build A 6 Figure Business

With The Instapreneuers Training

With The Instapreneurs Training, you will discover and understand the art of theme brands. This training will break down how you can successfully go out there, launch your first theme page and turn that into an automated business, growing you thousands of followers every single day!

You will discover the step-by-step process to launching your first or next theme page and the secret methods that nobody shares with you on Instagram and how to turn it into a highly profitable passion business. You will discover how I was able to take a simple idea and launch it into a page which now makes me thousands of dollars, without me having to show my face, be constantly glued to my phone or even have my own product or service. The Instapreneurs Training is the shortcut to launching your next successful business online.


Ayrton Antunes

Nilay Rao

Stefan Puchegger

After This Training...

You will know how to go from zero to hero from someone with no knowledge on Instagram, to someone who knows the exact steps to getting to your first $1,000 with theme pages

You will know how to impress your friends, followers and family with an awesome theme pages that gets people excited and loving your style

You will know how to build it as a side hustle, so you can still get to the most important things in your day – I started out in high school, and today this business allows me to work purely for myself…

You will know how to set up and brand build like the top 1% of influencers, so people immediately fall in love with your page and share it with others!

You will know how to create a badass content style and how to go from a beginner to someone who knows exactly how to create daily content within 15 minutes per day

You will understand the art of virality and how to grow thousands of followers per post, without needing to put in any extra effort!

You will learn how to monetise and the 7 different ways in which you can make money with a theme page! I personally use 3 of the 7 in my business today and I’ll be showing you exactly how it works.

Plus So Much More!

You will get access to the world’s best tools, platforms, and software that will allow you to learn the fundamental techniques of instagram marketing, selling products that you don’t even own and leveraging powerful systems such as the VIR system which now makes me thousands of dollars from the comfort of my home.

Don't Just Take My Word For It...

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Today Only: $9

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I’ve Enjoyed Over 4 Years...

of my life as an Instagram entrepreneur. Today, I’ve been able to grow an audience of over 200,000 followers on Instagram as well as manage over 2M+ followers for influencers and entrepreneurs under my Instagram Agency. Over the years, I’ve been able to launch insane campaigns, one of which has been able to earn me over $25,000 with 1 instagram page with less than 100,000 followers – without needing to show my face, without needing to be special and without even having my own product.

I Was Also...

I was also able to then turn Instagram into a 6 figure business that has allowed me to start living life on my own terms. Through this, I’ve had the opportunity to network with some of the most highly successful entrepreneurs and coaches out there – Some of which I have always aspired to meet one day! Instagram changed my life and has become an insane lifestyle business that allows me to chase true freedom!

But, Life Wasn’t Always This Great...

Back in 2017, I was just a normal high school student who had no idea what to do with his life. I had no real plan and didn’t see myself having any real future following the path that had been taught to me. I would pretty much spend every week dreading my next day of school and waiting all day to get home to play video games or to go out with friends. I would hate my Mondays to Thursdays and long for my Fridays and weekends.

I Always Had The Dream...

to one day move to Dubai or The US to explore and take my entrepreneurial journey to the next level. I had the dream to drive some of the coolest cars and give my family more of what they deserved – There were so many reasons why I had to commit to becoming an entrepreneur. I realised that social media, especially Instagram, was the future and that all these huge influencers and entrepreneurs that were living the life I wanted, had an instagram following which they leveraged into their business.

So, This Is What I Did...

I found a mentor who actually helped me get to my first few thousand followers. He helped me put together the right systems and taught me how to implement the VIR system. This was a process that nobody on Instagram was sharing and I struggled to understand how so many people didn’t know it existed. With it, I was able to make my first $1,000 with Instagram and I never forgot the feeling of how it was to make 4 figures in a day with Instagram. .

And Guess What?!

After that, everything started to skyrocket. I ended up spending months launching multiple Instagram pages and using that to make more sales for affiliate products and many other services.

My life had totally changed and I remember how my parents felt when I showed them that this was ACTUALLY working. They didn’t believe it was possible. After months of scaling, I grew Lucrativ to over 200,000 followers and scaled my agency services which had become my main source of income. I was now earning from my Instagram pages and an agency where I did pretty much everything I was doing on my pages, but for clients – and getting them results!

It All Seemed Unreal!

I remember how one day, after doing a weekly live video on my Instagram page, I got a DM from a lady from a magazine company. Who asked if I would be interested in telling my story. At first, I didn’t think much of it and I just sent her to one of my YouTube videos. Some months later, as I continued to grow my business and agency, I got a message saying that an article about my entrepreneurial journey had got posted into Disrupt Magazine and how they were interested in also offering me a place in MarketWatch.

This was super crazy and I at the time, I couldn’t believe that I was being placed next to some of the young upcoming entrepreneurs who I had been following for years in and years out. This became a reality for me and myself and my parents couldn’t believe that my small business, which I had started some years ago, actually started to take off.

Why I Created The Instapreneurs...

After getting hundreds of messages and DMs about my business model and how I was able to leverage Instagram, I decided to start creating a platform to help other instapreneuers get started too. I would always go back and remember how it felt when I had absolutely no security in my life and how I would fear that my life would bring me a lot of unhappiness and fear. I wanted to make it a MUST to show people what’s possible when they get over limiting beliefs and have an actionable, step-by-step blueprint to getting to their goals.

This is one of the reasons why I created around motivation. To inspire and keep pushing out what many people may need to see to help them get to the next level.

I created the Instapreneurs Training to help as many upcoming entrepreneurs achieve their goals and use Instagram as a source to make their passions possible. So many people have these amazing ideas, but just have no idea how to get there. Instagram made so many things possible for myself and my students and I truthfully believe that it can change your life too. Instagram has allowed me to become truly free, something I aim to help others achieve with this program….

Over The Next Few Weeks

Over the next few weeks, you’ll be able to access a platform where you can cut to the chase, avoid the long learning curve and start crushing it with your theme brand. You’re going to learn how to build theme brands and turn it into a lifestyle business! We have the system already down, The only thing you have to do is to take action and execute.

* Limited Time Offer*

Wait Leruo, But What Exactly Is A Theme Page???

Well, Here’s What You Need To Know

A Theme Page Is

A theme page is a page built around a certain theme and/or topic catered towards a common audience. For example, is a theme page in the motivational niche. The page aims to serve entrepreneurs and normal people looking to get to their goals in life. Another example would be @bestvacations. This is a theme page in the travel niche catered towards individuals that love travelling and exploring new locations.

In Both Cases,

You don’t have to show you face

You don’t need to have something special about you

You can create the page in some hours and spend a few minutes per day making the content – you don’t even need to spend a cent to start one

It’s easier to grow than almost all types of other instagram accounts

You can make A LOT of money if you know how to turn those followers into customers

You don’t need to have your own product to make money!

In Both Cases,

Theme pages are amazing and with some of the strategies you will learn in The Instapreneurs Training, you will know how to drive thousands of followers per post, get insane DMs like this and automate the page so it can eventually do the work for you as people continue to share and thread your content every single day! Theme pages are amazing because once you get them to a certain point, they run like engines! Even some of the most successful entrepreneurs own theme pages just to drive more people to their personal brands!

Experience The Wins Yourself!

The Winning Process



We will dive into an advanced training where you will be able to select some of the awesome niches which I recommend – after growing a number of successful pages myself and turning that into a high income business with my students. You will learn about the 3 core industries and how to pick out a winning niche that combines your passion with what’s working!

Discover The 3 Core Industries

Choose Your Passion And Profit Niche

Use My Branding Templates


Grow Your Following Like A Pro

We will dive into 2 modules that will teach you how to grow organically, how to grow with influencers and how to go viral! You will understand how you can replicate results like mine and my students – Going from growing 10 followers per post, to over 2,000 followers per post!

Prepare Your Page For Growth